New Baby

I had a baby. Fifteen months ago. I have a problem, I still think he’s a new baby. 

I realize that I’m long past being able to say “I just had a baby.” It continues to feel as though I just had a baby most days. He still doesn’t sleep through the night, he is still breast feeding, I’m still astounded that he’s mine. On the other hand, I know how to not react to him falling down immediately, I feel like I generally know when to call the doctor versus when to ride it out, I know what he really enjoys eating versus what is merely tolerated. I have figured out a few things about this parenting deal. 

What truly makes him continue to feel like a new baby is how different he is everyday. He starts making some new sound, or says a new word. He walks a little bit faster. He voices his opinion with an ear shattering squeal. Every day there is something new. 

Since he is my first, I have a feeling I will have just had this baby until I have another one. 

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