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This day last year was spent cuddling an almost three month old baby and plastering one wall of our apartment with post it notes detailing the goals we thought we wanted to accomplish for the year. The only one we stuck to was to love our son, the most important thing on the wall. That is the only post it that survived the year, it’s still there, and will be until we move.

I felt bad about myself for not completing the goals on the wall, but have come to realize that the wall was a good exercise. It helped me realize that I’m all over the board when it comes to goal setting, and I see those goals as a concrete thing. If I don’t accomplish that goal, exactly as originally stated, I have somehow failed.

This year, the goals are to allow my goals to evolve with my life and limitations, and to be kinder to myself. I will work harder at not beating myself up when I have not gotten through my to do list for the day. I will remember to take a break, and pay a few bucks to the sitter, when I feel I’ve reached my limit. I will do everything I am capable of, and not bad talk myself for the things I can’t. I will not be shy in asking for help.

Happy New Year. Much is on the horizon, and while I can’t do it all, I will revel in all that I can.

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