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18 Months

He’s 18 months old today. It’s a halfway that feels like a big deal. No longer baby, not yet boy, something wholly different. Walking, talking, tantrum throwing.

Things I have learned in the last 18 months:

  • I love him, more than I thought possible, though it took a while.
  • I love my husband more. The added dimension of fatherhood sits on him nicely.
  • Even though I don’t “work,” staying at home is hard. I will shrug off the guilt I feel when this thought hits me periodically.
  • Mondays still have the power to suck. I thought I would have left that behind with an office for some naive reason, but that’s not at all the case.
  • I am more than just mom, or just wife for that matter. 
  • It takes work to be more than just the previous. It is acceptable, indeed it is needed to put this work into myself.
  • When I feel like a whole person, I am a much happier wife and mother.


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